Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Saturn

Got one of them rare things last night......A clear sky!!!!! After getting loads of avi's of the moon(trying for a full mosaic) i turned my attention to Saturn. Sitting quite close to the Moon and just about high enough for me to view over the trees. Don't think i quite got the focus right but didn't have alot of time to fiddle to much. Grabbed a few avi's at different focus and fiddled about with the exposure settings. Only stacked n processed 2 very quickly, got over 60 avi's in total inc the Moon, gives me something to do while it's cloudy,LOL.
Equipment used: Celestron 4 SE @F13, 2x barlow, Toucam pro. 1050 frames stacked and then processed in Gimp2.4. 1st image is 150%, 2nd is 100%.
I changed the fps from 15 to 20 when i started with the Moon and i think it gives a better avi, less noise. Will find out when i get around to stacking n processing them and then comparing to other images.

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